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GreatPeople.Me is considered as the exclusive and personal portal for Kroger employees. If you are a staff member or an associate working for Kroger, you surely must know the details of the great people platform. This portal is vested with premium features that will give you a complete guide on the brand and day to day tasks.

To improve the employee work culture and make things smoother for them, great people is just an initiative that distributes personal company information under one roof. Employees and staff can log in to receive updates on daily duties and other details.

GreatPeople.Me – Kroger Login at


The features of the login portal:

Every staff member of the Kroger Company is a part of This portal binds the people together to manage a wholesome work atmosphere. Employees can easily log in to the portal to know more about current activities and perks. Every user has a significant username and password that can be used to login to the portal.

Therefore, some of the features of that the employees will definitely encounter are as follows:

  1. Workers’ schedules are updated daily.
  2. Perks of staff and other benefits available.
  3. Attendance and employee perks are listed against each member.
  4. Any kind of changes with sales, marketing, or distribution are instantly uploaded on the portal.
  5. Working and closing hours and special timing, if any, are always listed on the portal.
  6. Exclusive news and holiday lists can be viewed directly from the portal.
  7. Compensation and insurance are available.
  8. Salary, payroll, etc and other financial news are also updated on the portal itself.

Kroger is known for its excellent ethical behavior towards its staff and is just the example that explains how the business functions.

How to login to A guide for its users!

Each and every Kroger employee must follow the steps below to login to the portal:

  1. First, you must visit the official website titled, ‘’’’ and click on the option, ‘’employee login’’.
  2. Secondly, choose the ‘’enterprise user’’ option, which is the first box available on the page.
  3. Now, staff members are offered a separate ID and password. Enter the exact details as printed on your card with the correct password. Re-check this field twice before you move forward.
  4. Once you have checked your credentials, you must now click on the option, ‘’sign in’’.
  5. Once done, the website will automatically direct you to the employee page. The details are now all accessible without any worries.

You can always check personal data along with overall information updated in the portal.

The exclusive benefits of the Kroger portal for employees:

Kroger Employees are subjected to various perks and all thanks to The portal lists all the details, the conditions of work, and other business reports directly. Therefore the benefits that the employees receive are as follows:

  • All reports of business operations and other areas of work are available on the portal itself. No need to ask your employees for the same, as you can log in and check the information yourself.
  • If any particular or urgent notice needs to be conveyed, again the portal has it all. The company calendar is also listed for employees to check their daily routine and walk accordingly.
  • If you are having difficulty in understanding new settings of the portal, feel free to check the settings.
  • Once you log in, your credentials are 100% safe. Employees need not worry at all when it comes to saving any kind of data online. The company confirms the privacy rights of its workers and doesn’t violate it in any way!

More about Kroger:

Established in the year 1883, Kroger is the biggest supermarket chain with its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. This retail company has spread to other parts of the country as well and is now second in line after Walmart. Individuals can shop for a variety of items here across all stores in the United States.

To Kroger, ‘’customers and employees make up the larger marketing base and paying attention to them is the biggest priority’’. To keep employees safe, is the initiative taken up to keep everyone informed about what goes on within the company.


If you want to contact Kroger, here are the details:

Direct social media messages can be sent on Twitter, Facebook. You can send an email at

The working hours for the company are:

  • Monday to Friday- To 12.00 am.
  • Saturday and Sunday- 7 am. To 9.30 pm.

How is this platform useful?

The commitment to serve customers and employees is reflected through Kroger serves to cherish this portal and make it all the more transparent for its users. Thus, great binds Kroger employees together without letting them fall apart. For any information, simply log in and know more!